Public Art

These opportunities are few and far between, but we’re building this part of the portfolio.  When I do find public art opportunities, I like to create artwork that acknowledges the Community its in.

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Commercial Restaurant Murals

Lila Gemellos has had the honor and exquisite pleasure of painting Restaurants and Businesses around Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties.  Her work is detailed, precise and specifically says something about your business.  Lila ensures her customer’s happiness by asking for their input throughout the process.  Though many of her clients ask her to be conceptual and imaginative with her

work, Gemellos knows the work needs to stand up over time and represent the company.

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School and Educational Institution Murals

Lila Gemellos has been painting public schools in San Jose, California for several years now.  She feels incredibly rewarded by the experience.  Gemellos understands that education and beauty can be coupled to create a more welcoming environment to an otherwise sanitary space.  Incorporating the academia in the classroom and taking teacher’s and principal’s input, the students and staff feel included and take pride in their school’s makeover.

Gemellos can also facilitate student body painting their own mural.  Please let us know in your estimate form if this is something you’re interested in.

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Medical Offices

In Medical Offices, we can create a welcoming ambiance that distracts patients while they’re being treated.

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Artful Signage

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Residential Murals

Lila Gemellos creates colorful, vibrant additions to your home.  Whether it be classic in style or bright and bold, Lila can add to the depth of ant room.  Let Lila help you add your own charm to your home.  Painting a little boy or girl’s room is such a pleasure.  Children’s murals are designed are active play, meaning they add depth and are of a scale that compliment their toys.

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