I learn from every job.  Sometimes they are large lessons and sometimes they’re little ones.  Here are the ones I’ve learned at 602 W. San  Carlos Street in San Jose.

Lesson #1 for girls and mural artists alike, you’re not there to make friends.  When you give people this impression, they follow you home and want to live in your colorful world.  Make sure you know to whom you speak.

Lesson #2, don’t opt for the expected.  Don’t anticipate your client’s want outside of your talents or strengths.  They found you for what you have to offer.  Don’t overlook that.  I pitched this fish tank and once the construction fencing was removed across the street, there’s an aquarium artbox.  Un-unique thoughts are precisely that.

Lesson #3, motorcyclists like artwork about streets and places.  A building collage is closer to what they experience than any one given scene.

Lesson #4, do one thing at a time and leave the pump at the gas station.


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