What’s next, Lila?

Yours truly, Lila Gemellos, is administrating a mural project for the County of Santa Clara Fairgrounds and the 75th Anniversary of the County Fair! It’s my idea, my effort and mine to run. I am tremendously looking forward to and prepared for this opportunity. Its name is the Gateway Hall Murals (Project).

Concept and layout

The project: I have hired 15 other professional artists and arts groups to paint a gateway into each Santa Clara County city to create the draw from audience members beyond San Jose. It flexes some of the professional muscles I have from administrating construction projects on behalf of developers and contractors alike. This prior experience has enhanced my art career in ways I’m only beginning to understand. It also allows me to build bridges between artists and communities while creating opportunities. Sixteen artists will always be better than 1. I found artists I wanted to work with and admire professionally. I’m really proud of how this project is formulated to address communities and needs while being spectacular to look at.

The Gateway Mural Project seems like the perfect fit for the Fair and I, Gemellos Murals, to partner together. I wonder if they knew that when they asked me about murals at Gateway Hall or if I was just the go getter willing to fail to get it done. It was originally to be a single long mural by Gemellos, but this is way better.

I was clued into meetings at the County Fairgrounds because it’s a big one and if I can help, I’d like to. I’m also a powerful collaborator and creative problem solver. The gift of vision comes with a responsibility to share so I do. In this regard, I was offered all the walls and instead saw a way of fixing the audience draw to the Fair, aesthetically and through social media and public art. I’m from San Jose and bring people from San Josee to the Fair. That’s not of great benefit. An artist from everywhere brings everyone. I’d love to work with more non-profits, creating the change I’d like to see. I bring some unashamed creativity to these long tables.

That’s this photo

What the Fairgrounds management didn’t know is that I have a good Fair story – making me a passionate advocate for the 75th celebration. I was Best of Show at the 50th Annual Fair as an eight year old and that I sold my first commissions from the walls of Gateway Hall.

This award certainly kept me pursuing arts through my youth and onward to college. It was a skillset and a confidence I had to reacquaint myself with when construction and real estate industries were downsized.

This project hopefully allows me to consult and administrate other large mural projects for companies who might not explore this as an option because of the calories burnt internally interfacing with artists. That can seem too daunting to handle, whether your staff is stretched thin or not. Luckily, I’m versed in artist nonsense and property owner lingo equally. This is my jam.

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