Laurelwood Wordle

The Laurelwood Elementary School Lions in the Evergreen Elementary School District wanted the reverse side of their ball wall to indicate the culture and principles of the school. This time, we did an oversized wordle shape. It was another inclusive design process, being the catalyst for student expression and school pride. Students and teachers provided the words that populate their school mascot being the ultimate symbol of unity and school pride. I then fit that content inside of the school’s logo and created this graphic masterpiece for their Ball Wall.

Many of the words provided me were redundant, but not the ones you’d suspect. I was pleasantly surprised. These students and teachers want to focus on being helpful, respectful, nurturing, and trustworthy. If the children are our future, our future is in good hands. I couldn’t be prouder of all the words included here inside our lions, using 95% of the material provided me.

This is also a graphic success for me. The opposite side of the wall is extraordinarily different in content and composition. The principal trusted me with the design after the concept was ironed out. She was ultimately so pleased with this result however, I’m turning the raw graphic over for the school’s t-shirts next year! It’s not been a strong suit of mine, but simple is a strength on to itself and simpler is great on a shirt. More importantly, the school is so proud of this collaboration, it would like to use the image on its notecards and other school items.

Here’s the oversized school mascot wordle we collaborated on at Laurelwood Elementary School in San Jose coming together in sequence.

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