Art with Function – What does Mural Art do?

Mural P1040806_1Art has very little effect or function if it doesn’t connect with viewers.  Art’s first function is to communicate visually.  Secondly, if the mural is appreciated, it is beautifying and deters graffiti or tagging.  This is where the majority of Mural Art starts and ends.  Can it do more than make places prettier?  I should think so.  I look for this function within projects because I have a background in real estate and construction.  I’d never get to discuss mural art if it didn’t have add value to the structure.

P1020882Mural Art can communicate a business’s message.  Like at the Falafel’s Drive In, which also drew in new customers worrisome of Middle Eastern food.  I distracted people with iconic San Jose symbolism with redundant overtones of Falafel’s and their family history.  This artwork only cemented their long San Jose roots and that their food is amazing.  No one had to tell you, though.  The lunch line wrapped around the block was enough.

cropped-11907188_10102772037716054_4742356694877149924_n.jpgIn a school setting, I view mural art as an opportunity to improve the education experience, for teachers, students and administrators.  For students, it’s acknowledging who they are.  For principals, it’s communicating their goals and expectations.  For teachers, it’s introducing classroom topics that can be difficult to communicate or really represent their curriculum.

P1300810cam12626In a pediatrics offices, murals sooth young patients and makes treatment easier.  It makes check ups enjoyable if you can believe it.  I have been able to make a doctor’s office an exam room lottery that kids get excited about.  We all know the doctor’s or dentist’s office isn’t their favorite place to be, but murals certainly brighten that experience.

cam12657Murals brighten any waiting room or lobby while preparing clients for a professional, warm experience.  Artwork in your lobby is an opportunity to share your company’s ethics and goals, history and acknowledge your clients while helping them loose track of time.

cam14052In a public setting, it needs to do something to engage the Community its in.  It’ll need to acknowledge the surrounding.  I view public art as an opportunity to provoke thought and possibly engage the audience.  It’s like to think my visual story telling style is what people find intriguing that discovering the subject matter.

cam13987An interactive mural, however, is my dream.  One that has more to offer than a consideration.  I’d like more interaction than #lifeinwillowglen has already had, with selfie features and photo backdrops creating a digital destination to hit in San Jose.  How we program that is through its larger than life features that double as picture backgrounds and through engaging subjects.  I specifically want to see more public art that serves the community through acknowledging the surrounding awesomeness, finding sustainability and using tech to engage new visitors.  Can murals then be a destination and not just on the way to your destination?

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  1. Andrea Kakuk says:

    Great insights and murals. Thanks for sharing!

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